How to Embed Tweets

Have you noticed blogs including tweets directly in their posts? I have, and I am loving it! Twitter has a cool feature that gives you the ability to embed a tweet directly into a blog post. Take a peak:

Readers can use it to reply, retweet, follow, favorite, or just access your tweets directly from your blog using the hyperlinks in the tweet.

How to embed tweets

  1. Login to Twitter.
  2. Hover over the tweet you want to embed.
  3. Click on “More” at the bottom of the tweet.
  4. Click “Embed this Tweet.”
  5. You can change the alignment of the tweet if you want it to be aligned in a particular way in your post.
  6. Copy the HTML code.
  7. Paste the HTML code into your blog post (be sure you do this under the HTML tab).

How will you embed tweets in your posts?

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