I read a LOT of blogs. Seriously, my Feedly is on overload. And what always astounds me is so many bloggers want their blog to be a business on some level (generating income) yet I see them making the same customer service mistakes over and over again.

Why you should always treat your blog readers like customers!

Yes, I said customer service in the same sentence as blogging. And I’m not talking about the obvious situations where you are selling a product or service. 

If you have dreams of your blog someday being a business then you need to run it like one and maintain the highest level of customer service. 

I understand that not everyone can respond to every blog comment left for them (if you can though, I strongly think you should). But, what you can do is respond to customers (or in this case, “commenters”) who are having a problem or complaint about your blog/service.

And keep responding until you’ve done everything in your power to resolve the issue.

Why you should always treat your blog readers like customers! Years ago there was a rather large fitness blog that I was a big fan of. Every day, I read her posts and commented. One day, I noticed my comments were going to her spam section in WordPress so I sent her a tweet to let her know. Others chimed in saying they were having the same problem. She responded saying that she didn’t know how to fix it.

Being the mega nerd that I am, I sent her an email with step by step instructions, and then tweeted her to let her know an email was sent.

Despite my many follow ups, she never responded to me or fixed the problem. So what did I do (and assumably the others having the same problem)?

I unsubscribed to her blog and never went back.

You’re probably thinking: so what, one less blog visitor? But you would be wrong. Because that is not just one less reader but, rather, one less potential recurring customer.

It can take months to find a customer, but only seconds to lose one.
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Even if you don’t sell any products right now, you may someday. Alternatively, your customer count as a blogger (your readers) are what land you paid gigs with brands.

Put it this way — if you were to walk into a store and ask the store owner a question, only for them to flat out ignore you, turn their back, and walk away, would you make a purchase?

Of course not.

You’d be pissed and probably complain about it to everyone you encounter that day. So why would you respond any differently to a poor experience with a blogger?

Treat your blog like your business. Treat it as if it was the source of your full time income (even if you make nothing from it). Treat your readers like customers and give them the best customer support you can.

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Years ago, I reached out to a blogger whose site I recently stumbled across and loved, just to tell her how much I loved her site. She responded that she would love to jump on the phone for a few minutes and chat, as she would love to learn more about me.

I was stunned. I had never received a response like that before.

Blow their minds every chance you get -- why you should always treat your blog readers like customersI agreed to the call and we had a very nice chat, got to know one another better, and she said if I ever needed anything to not hesitate to reach out.

Since then, I have never missed a single one of her blog posts. I promote all of her product launches to my readers, and, I’ve purchased hundreds of dollars worth of her products/coaching. I’ve promoted and purchased her books (side note: I’m even quoted in her latest one — affiliate link). We’ve built a relationship over the years, all from that 20 minute phone call.

I don’t know about you, but I think a 20 minute phone call is worth hundreds of dollars to me.

Treat your readers like customers, and someday, that is exactly what they will become.

Find at least one opportunity this week to go above and beyond for one of your readers.